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This is a SUPPORT group for women of ALL LEVELS across any artistic discipline, to come together and share what we are working on with each other, get supportive feedback, and (hopefully) move towards a collaborative show where our voices/creations are heard and seen. Whether you're an academic, a visual artist, a writer, a collage maker, or a poet, we want to foster a community where creativity is valued! Feminist artists coming together to share, learn, connect, create, and disrupt the status-quo through song, story, poem, painting, performance, installations, and ART. We support and promote the education of HERstory through campus and online workshops dedicated to women's studies across (primarily) art, literature, history, and psychology. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion. We do foster a safe space for self-identified feminists and women/womyn/womxn.

We give ourselves the freedom to express ourselves and our voices, out loud. We meet at the Open Book in Grass Valley to share our work and discuss how to get our visions out in the open. Donations appreciated. 100% of the proceeds are used for FAC artists' materials, venue rental, web maintenance, and education.



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